Dunkirk – The Empire is Ready!

Dunkirk is a Christopher Nolan movie which is ready to rock the Screens. Simply Watching the Trailer, it is really difficult to get what will be the concept of Dunkirk. The Storyline is based on how the Allied soldiers from Belgium, the Canada, the British Empire, and France are round upped by the German army and expatriate during a violent fight in World War II. Christopher Nolan, himself a genre into himself by this point. His Movie Inception changed the movie trailers even for years afterward. We can still feel the effects of that film’s teaser and his Continuous trailers which increased our excitement. When we come to think about Dunkirk, It is not a Science fiction movie nor related to any other his previous movies.


Based on its trailer alone, it is really hard to Guess about Dunkirk movie, Even you compared it with several other movie scenes which have come before. There are more New faces are there in the trailer and you can recognize few actors in some aspects. Kenneth Branagh and Cillian murphy occupy the most of the screen time and you can see Tom hardy in few glimpse of scenes. Harry styles registered his traces in somewhere with Brown Military gear Which should really confuse a lot. Basically, we are not used to that faces and characters introduced in that trailer. Dunkirk Trailer literally focused on the anonymous dreadfulness of battle and you will definitely have a hard job of developing this type of bond.