Legal Ways to Watch Free Movies Online Without Pop-Up Ads

One of the biggest troubles for watchers is the appearance of ads or other pop-ups while they’re watching their favorite movies or TV series. It’s a real pain in the back to stop the scene and have to wait for a minute or so until the ad finishes. That’s why users search for ways to evade that.

A lot of movie websites make money from pop-ups, so you might encounter such ads often. Even if the site appears secure and legit at first glance, when you go to the videos, you may face many popping ads both in the beginning and throughout the movie or episode. But don’t worry as there are ways to get rid of these and stop them from appearing at all.

Let’s find out which they are.

Legal Sites

Opposed to the websites that contain annoying pop-ups, the Internet features ones that are legal and don’t show harmful content. They allow people to stream the movies or TV shows without worrying about being interrupted. If by any chance, an ad appears it’ll be in the beginning and it won’t do any damage to the device you’re watching on.

One of those sites is Ovoo, which is completely against pop-up ads that are dangerous or in any way disturbing. There, viewers can encounter flicks and episodes that are lawful and safe to stream and download.


Ad Blockers

Another option for preventing pop ads is using ad blockers. You can find a lot of them on the Internet that are compatible with multiple browsers. You only need to enable them.

Now we’ll look into uBlock and how to set it up on Google Chrome. All you should do is:

  • Install Google Chrome
  • Visit
  • Click the ‘Download’ button
  • Then you’ll be redirected to Chrome’s page for add-ons
  • Click ‘Add to Chrome’.
  • Test it

Of course, there are other blockers that you can try. Even the browsers themselves sometimes offer add-ons for blocking harmful pop-ups. But make sure to find ones that still work and successfully remove the ads on the site where you watch the movies.

Other Legal Ways

If you really want to watch the movie on a certain website and it has pop-up ads you can try these options.

Go Full Screen

Some videos have ads around them that come up when pressed. These are the easiest to skip as you can simply press the ‘full screen’ button and not see them anymore. Only be careful not to come across websites that can send a bunch of viruses to your computer, tablet or Smartphone.

Skip Manually

In case the ads aren’t dangerous and don’t trigger your antivirus software you can manually skip them. Even if they cover the space where you’re watching the video you can close all windows containing the ads one by one. That way you’ll be able to continue without any troubles. But if they happen to pop up all the time then it might be best if you stayed away from the website.


Watching movies online is a great pastime activity, but at the same time it can cause you a lot of issues if you don’t do it the right and legal way. Moreover, one of the problems that you may encounter is connected to the ads that keep popping up while you watch, posing a threat for your device. And the legal ways that we previously looked into that range from visiting a legit and safe movie site to ad blockers and other ways you can do by yourself, are meant to help you evade these annoying ads. So, good luck!